Правда о распаде группы

Здесь представлена переписка между участниками группы проходившая на странице группы в Facebook’e осенью 2011 года. Из этих писем участников группы, адресованных друг-другу и поклонникам становится более прозрачной ситуация ее распада. Перевод писем будет добавлен чуть позже.

From Jay Gordon: So don’t freak out on me, but I decided to put a band together and do the Orgy thing again. I’m not saying I wouldn’t consider playing with the all original line-up at some point, and there has been correspondence between the original members, and myself. This situation is a good thing, and not intended to piss anyone off or anything. I have spoken to Amir, and Bobby about the situation, and neither seemed to be angry in any way. Bobby is making movies, and Amir and Ry are doing JK. I am friends with all of the OG cast, so please don’t trip. I will keep everyone posted as i know more. Thanks for being UNDERSTANDING….. :

For the record the «other» orgyband page is run by a fan and is promoting it like the actual band runs it. Do not be fooled! Fans have a right to know what is going on with this whole Orgy ordeal. Jay, Ryan or whoever was or is in the band Orgy..please post away and let the truth come out. Nothing will be deleted.


From Amir:
Now it’s my turn to say something regarding this Orgy situation 🙂
Ryan & I have both discussed recently with a booking agent representing a possible Orgy tour that we wanted to be apart of it.
We only had two Conditions:

1) To have AS MANY of the original members involved as possible.

2) That Lou Gordon not be involved.

We have always stated that we are only interested in doing a reunion under these conditions. We are all grown ups here and can do this ourselves.
Ryan & I have stated MANY times that we will MAKE TIME to do this!
I don’t understand why this is still being used an an excuse. If this is planned out properly we can do it people! Really!

Honest truth is they don’t want us to be apart of it…

I also reached out last weekend by text message to Jay to try and set up a phone call for us to talk. I got a very long message on Facebook instead. Jay asked me not to re-post any of it and I am respecting his request.
Thanks for reading this guys,


From Ryan:
Orgy — the actual BAND Orgy — is NOT «ok» with this «new» Orgy «thing». We think its ridiculous. Seems like an Axel Rose move to us, and we dont want to be associated with it at all. We have told Jay for 5 years that we would be happy to do the REAL Orgy — with ALL the original members, and all the original unique gear that makes Orgy such an amazing live act. NO — we are not «too busy» to do Orgy, in fact, for the 20th time at least, our agent approached us to possibly do Orgy BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR, and Amir and I said «YES», if its the REAL ORGY. Not a hybrid, no impersonators — JAY, PAIGE, BOBBY, RYAN, and AMIR. The real band. We have too much respect for what we all created TOGETHER to stand by and watch it turn into a COVER band that goes out and fools our fans into buying tickets thinking they are going to see the REAL band Orgy. Orgy is a BAND. Thats why its COOL. It isn’t a PERSON.

I will have a lot more to say this week, on every outlet available to me. In the meantime, we are somehow going to fit a Dead By Sunrise show into our «busy» schedules…. somehow Chester Bennington, a truly big rock star, easily works in Linkin Park and Dead By Sunrise — weaving in between JK and all the other stuff we do… its not an «either/or» situation.. we can do EVERYTHING — IF Jay actually wanted too.

Somehow.. we went around the world 4 times in the last year and a half.. and still had MONTHS and MONTHS off. Weird. If the REAL Orgy wanted to tour, we could have scheduled it. Im sick of repeating myself.


From Jay Gordon:
Hey everyone, just so everyone is clear, I’m not gonna feed into any negativity, and want each and every one of you to know, that I respect all of your opinions, individually and collectively.

This will serve as my only response to any of the discord between myself, and the other members of the orignal lineup. With the good comes the bad, and not everyone will agree, as we all know. All you can do is keep your head up, and move forward.

That’s all that is being done on my end, with no animosity, or guilt, for lack of trying. Things like this are hard for people to accept, and for those who are disappointed, I apologize..

Quite frankly, I’m a little baffled, as I offered JK a co-billing on the tour, and thought it would be cool if we could all get up there, and play a few songs with most of the original members at the end of each show. If that is not a sign of respect, I don’t know what is?

I have performed with them on stage to promote their efforts, without hesitation.

Believe what you must, but I am not trying to make anyone else look bad, in order to make myself look good, that’s for sure.

In the grand scheme of things, making music, shouldn’t be this political. I never started Orgy to become a politician, nor do I have any intention of acting like an asshole behind close doors, and throwing up fake ass, pageant waves to the people, to appear to be something I’m not. I’m just trying to go out and have some fun. That’s what I enjoy doing, and I can only hope the same goes for everyone else.

That being said, I am looking forward to seeing all of you on the road at some point very soon!



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